Full and By Farm: Work Party Friday

Full and By Farm cupola in winter and logo (collage)

Work party friday — come help us put a big dent in the piles of drying bean pods! The beans have been up in the hay mow since fall, drying out in their pods and on the vines. We're looking for all the help that we can get to thresh the beans from the vines and then winnow out the chaff. It's a fun job, especially with a good group of folks. The party starts at 9am, with a break for a hearty, bean inspired lunch. Come for as little or as much of the day as you can. The hay mow is indoors, but not … [Read more...]

Full and By Farm: Sloggin’ Through Snow Drifts

Full and By Farm cupola in winter and logo (collage)

Another cold and snowy week—a week sloggin' through snow drifts, feeding out hay and keeping water running. We've been really fortunate this year, with such bitterly cold temperatures, to have no water problems (knock on wood) yet. The animals have been great, the fully insulated and heated bank barn has been a toasty dream and the veggie storage has been happily above freezing with no portable heaters, electric cords and constant checking to make sure it isn't too warm or too cold. Seed … [Read more...]

Full and By Farm: Ice Dominates Barnyard

Horse at Full and By Farm (Credit: virtualdavis)

Another cold but sunny day. The animals and farmers are all shuffling around cautiously this week, trying not to slip on the vast swaths of ice that dominate the barnyard thanks to last weekend's thaw-rain-freeze combo. The slow shuffle pace is in contrast to the heightened rush Cara and I feel to get everything done with Sara and Josh away for a week and a half. It'll be our turn before we know it! New: Sweet Potatoes, Kale and Cornmeal New in the veggie share this week: sweet potatoes, kale … [Read more...]

Full and By Farm: Avoiding the Cold

Pigs at Full and By Farm (Credit: virtualdavis)

It's a lovely blue bird day out there—a nice break from the windy, frosty days and nights of late. The cows and horses are soaking up the sun's heat in their thick coats, warming their blood and saving what they can for the cold nights to come. We've been doing what construction we can outside, fiddling with nails and screws in between numb fingers. Stomping our feet to keep the blood flowing. And looking for excuses to work inside. Despite the cold James has managed progress on the entrance … [Read more...]

Full and By Farm: Moving Heifer Calves

Snowy Morning with Calves at Full and By (Credit: Sara Kurak)

This is the last pick-up of the regular season share, and a warm one it is. The perfect day for washing up roots outdoors. Whoops, that was the last farm note. Today we are grateful the water is still running and the animals are up and about—wearing their silky fur coats and thick hides. They are much better suited to this than we are, all bundled up with face masks on and warmers in our gloves, wishing for indoor projects. Today's high of 16 is going to feel balmy after the cold start. Still, … [Read more...]

Full and By Farm: Baking Sweet Wheat Bread

Full and By Farm cupola in winter and logo (collage)

A very sunny Saturday made for a beautiful break in the wintry weather. From my kitchen window I looked out over the horses and young heifer cows. After days of standing with their backs to the wind and eating around the clock—keeping up their energy against the week-long onslaught of wind and snow—the whole group was laying with eyes closed soaking up the warm sunshine and mild temperatures. Members grabbed food for the holidays yesterday—more brussel sprouts, more sweet potatoes, squash and … [Read more...]

Full and By Farm: Shoveling Snow

Full and By Farm cupola in winter and logo (collage)

We've had someone shoveling just about around the clock here for the last couple of days, with no signs of stopping. From far above it must look like an ant colony—pathways running around the barns, outbuildings and different compost piles, intersecting with one another at all sorts of angles. It's a fun way to visualize a small and busy farm, all of our movements laid down and frozen in snow if not time. We will have the share ready tonight, complete with parking spaces and walkways to the … [Read more...]

Full and By Farm: Snowy Skies and Freezing Ground

Filtering wheat (Credit: Full and By Farm)

December, snowy skies and freezing ground are upon us. Within hours of our thanksgiving guests arriving at the farm last Wednesday afternoon we had them out in the blowing snow and darkening skies finishing up leek harvest—digging, pulling, and topping as fast as the snow was covering our work. We stowed the leeks in the walk-in, ready to dole out for months to come, and sat down to a warm and hearty meal that everyone was thankful for. We have just four more weeks in this year's share (if you … [Read more...]

Full and By Farm: Thanksgiving Pick Up

Chickens at Full and By Farm (Credit: virtualdavis)

We are holding a special csa pick up TONIGHT—load up on your weekly goods as well as thanksgiving dinner ingredients, including sweet potatoes. We will be here 4-6 pm as usual. We processed our older batch of layers this week which means our freezers are full to the brim with stew birds. Stew birds get a bad rap for being tough, but the key is to cook them long and slow in liquid and pick appropriate recipes. Because of the birds longer life, the meat is richer and more flavorful. Stew birds … [Read more...]

Full and By Farm: Good Season for Baking

Full and By Farm Dry Goods (Credit: virtualdavis)

Next Thursday is Thanksgiving so we will be holding csa pick up on Tuesday from 4 -6. Load up on good thanksgiving meal ingredients—sweet potatoes, pumpkins, onions, garlic, leeks, and potatoes for mashing. Add some tasty brussel sprouts to the spread for something green. The recent cold snap has been a good impetus to switch gears on the table as well as the boot rack—from meals planned around fresh greens to heartier winter fare. It's suddenly smells and feels delightful to have a pot of … [Read more...]