Full and By Farm: The Grass is Greener

Bull at Full and By Farm (Credit: Sara Kurak)

The world did that magic thing this week—when suddenly you look out the window mid-day and realize that the grass has just turned green. It was definitely still brown and all shades of beige out there when the sun first came up and the day started, and then suddenly green. It begins with the most […]

Full and By Farm: Spring Has Finally Sprung

Calf at Full and By Farm. (Credit: Sara Kurak)

Spring has finally sprung. At the start of last weekend it seemed that we were in the midst of the winter that wouldn’t end, by sunday afternoon the fields were clear and muddy with the only snow hanging in the northern crevices of buildings and stands of trees. We’ve gotten a few more days of […]

Full and By Farm: Sugaring Dream Week

Greenhouse at Full and By Farm. (Credit: Sara Kurak)

We’re finally having the sugaring week that we have all been dreaming of. Tuesday brought us our biggest collection this year by far and had James up half the night boiling, followed in the morning by more boiling, more collecting and then more boiling. The weather looks great for several more days in the coming […]

Full and By Farm: Extra Cold Temperatures Create Delays

James boiling sap to make maple syrup at Full and By Farm. (Credit: Sara Kurak)

Last weekend’s temperatures eeked just enough above freezing for another sap collection. Though it was small it did allow us to start the evaporator up and finally draw off syrup for veggie share members. I think we are headed for a good spell of sugaring weather coming up. We’ve all got our fingers crossed that […]

Full and By Farm: Snow Challenges Sugar Collecting

Rooster at Full and By Farm

Last weekend’s promise of warm sunny days left us disappointed and chilled. The temperatures just made it above freezing Saturday morning, only to drop off by the afternoon. The sun barely making an appearance at all. Since tapping Friday we collected a little sap in the buckets, and finally enjoyed a good run Tuesday afternoon and evening. Early Wednesday morning we all […]

Full and By Farm: Sugaring Season

Winter cupola atop barn at Full and By Farm

Sugaring season is in the air now, an exciting time not just for the promise of days and evenings spent by the fire and the sweet, sticky goodness of fresh syrup straight from the pan. It’s also a promise of warm weather and sunny days, the first tender green leaves of spinach and crunchy stalks […]

Full and By Farm: Super Wheat Berries

Draft horses at Full and By Farm

We are featuring chef Doug’s wheat berry salad for veggie members this evening. Wheat berries are a super nutrient-packed whole grain—tidy little bundles of fiber, protein and iron. They are also delicious and easy to prepare. Add them to soup or chili for a chewy bite, or bake them in your bread for crunch. We’ve […]

Full and By Farm: Dreaming of Spring

Full and By Farm Dry Goods (Credit: virtualdavis)

I’ve spent the last week digging into old records, field maps and beautifully glossy seed catalogues. Washing the slate clean of 2013′s flooding—dreaming about row after row of vigorous, fruitful plants—beans pods and ripe, juicy tomatoes dripping off their vines, corn stalks stretching over my head and shielding the hot August sun as I pull […]

Full and By Farm: Fuzzy Winter Horses

Full and By Farm, October 10, 2013 (Photo: virtualDavis)

The horses came in yesterday for the first time this winter. James says they look like big, giant marshmallows covered in fuzz. Their harnesses fit like that too. It’s a struggle to get them on a lead line the first few days, they are out of the habit and happy to have no responsibilities other […]

Full and By Farm: Sprouts

Cabbage and leeks at Full and By Farm

We are all giddy over having Doug back at the farm with us for the winter. Many of you will remember him from last winter and spring—off time in between semesters of the Adirondack program at St Lawrence University. He jumped right back into chores, construction and whipping up amazing meals like he never left. […]