Essex Town Board News

  • “The Town of Essex, NY, has agreed by a unanimous vote of the Town Board, duly elected officials representing the residents of the Town of Essex, NY, at a Special meeting held on February 10, 2012, to allow professional grant writer, Alden Stevens, to write [and administer] a grant on behalf of the Town of Essex for a State of New York Local Government Records Management Grant for the 2012/2013 grant cycle.” This will organize the town’s files into a workable indexing system so that they can be found and will purge old files that are no longer needed or required and provide better shelving space in the existing vault to better utilize the space. [February 10, 2012.]
  • The Town of Essex is determined to update and improve the town water supply. There was an initial meeting held to explain the options to the public, including the costs associated with either decision. The options available for Essex are surface water vs. ground water (wells) sources. The Town seems to be in favor of ground water wells, but there must be more testing by use of drilling test wells to be sure that it is a viable option. Go to the Water Informational Town Meeting link to read the full transcript.
  • Donna Haynes has been appointed the new Deputy Town Clerk.

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